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The Angry Chimp Show

The Angry Chimp watches......and screeches.

The Angry Chimp Show

Feb 21, 2014

Hello and welcome the The Angry Chimp Show.

"So, what is The Angry Chimp Show?" you may be asking. Well firstly, who are you asking? Yourself? Not only is that a bit mad but I haven't told you yet, so you don't know. Please think things through.

The Angry Chimp Show is a show. That much can be said without hesitation and with all certainty. Is it a good show? This is less clear. Is it funny? Doubtful. Why would I listen to it, then? I can't answer this without knowing some fairly intricate details of your personal life situation. 

The Angry Chimp show is a comedy, in a fairly loose definition of the term. Given that I am the one doing the defining currently, I can choose to define as loosely as I like. It is a comedy in the sense that it is not a tragedy. 

Winston Churchill once said "Get off my foot, you idiot!" I think this sums up the sort of atmosphere and vibe that The Angry Chimp Show generates. 

I hope you enjoy your life, and this podcast.