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The Angry Chimp Show

The Angry Chimp watches......and screeches.

Jul 15, 2017

Reginald Reviews the 1999 sci-fi abomination The Phantom Menace

Feb 23, 2014

In this first episode of the Angry Chimp Show we meet a world famous arts critic, go Riding in Elevators with Celebrities and enjoy The Adventures of Cranky Chef.

The Angry Chimp Show

Feb 21, 2014

Hello and welcome the The Angry Chimp Show.

"So, what is The Angry Chimp Show?" you may be asking. Well firstly, who are you asking? Yourself? Not only is that a bit mad but I haven't told you yet, so you don't know. Please think things through.

The Angry Chimp Show is a show. That much can be said without hesitation...