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The Angry Chimp Show

The Angry Chimp watches......and screeches.

Feb 27, 2016

Get up, Get up and Get Down in a chimpish manner!

Reginald's interview does not go as planned, a job interview does not go as planned, and a plan does not go as planned. Planned.

Featuring Kat Sorens and Davian Dent

Feb 21, 2016

Enjoy the zany, madcap antics of the Raincoat Men!

Feb 14, 2016

Ever feel like the world is falling?

 Feel like the silence is a living thing?

Like the mists of yesterday will never clear?

Then this is the podcast for you.

Episode three of the third season is here. Reach out, you are almost touching it ......

Feb 7, 2016

This week on the Angry Chimp show we meet Darren Baines and a rock and roll icon shares his thoughts.

Doesn't that just make you want to maul the face and genitals of an innocent bystander?

Feb 1, 2016

Hello, and welcome to season three of The Angry Chimp Show!

Did you miss the Chimp? (Don't answer that)

The chimp returns to pour raw sexual energy into your ears. Feel the rhythm of the night and ride on time as the Chimp takes you on a journey of self-discovery (yeah, that'll do)

Featuring Rich, Ben and Matt from the...