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The Angry Chimp Show

The Angry Chimp watches......and screeches.

Apr 26, 2014

In this final episode of Season One of The Angry Chimp Show we test an odd warning label, we join Captain Capitalist in the fight against lower middle-class do-gooders and Stuart reveals a dark secret.


Featuring David Buckland.

Apr 19, 2014

Barry's night is not ranking among the best he has had.


Featuring David Buckland, Michelle Buckland and Jarred Smith

Apr 12, 2014

The U.S. Space Corp reaches out across the galaxy, liberating any life-forms they come across from the burdens of their natural resources and way of life. One ship has run into trouble though ......


By Stuart Buckland and David Buckland.

Apr 5, 2014

Grab your trousers, do si do. Hold them tight and don't let go.

A new episode of The Angry Chimp Show is being flung at you! Are you going to try and dodge it or are you going to cop it right in the face?

Featuring Stuart Buckland, David Bourke and Martin Viski